Hi 👋, I'm

John Enderby

a | from Edinburgh

My Process

Starting small 🤏 and thinking 🧠 big

I believe in a considered approach to design, and I try to be methodical 🧪 while I'm being creative 🎨. The designer's method isn't all that different from the scientific method really; we theorise, hypothesise, test, invariably have to revisit our theories, and get closer and closer to a solution. The solution can mean compromise. Compromise on time, efficiencies, or future proofing. Ultimately it's about making the decision that feels right, at the right time ❤️.

Once we have a solution in place to a problem ✅ it all starts over again with another one, or maybe an expansion on something previously considered. Each of these small pieces fit together in the puzzle 🧩 to form the product with each feature having a purpose, but none able to stand alone without a clear image of the product and a solid foundation. Complex products and interactions are what make me tick ⌚ and digging into, and attempting to solve, these problems is where I am happiest.

Define & Discover

Every project, big or small, starts with a question from a user, or a theory from a colleague. Breaking that question down into a set of needs and wants is the first step in making something useful.

Ideate & Prototype

After the question is refined a solution, or solutions, are proposed and tested. All the usual tools and methods of the design Swiss Army Knife™, are used to help visualise the theory.

Test & Refine

Designs and prototypes are all well and good, but are the solutions useful? Or are they all glitter and sparkle✨ with no substance? Some research will help us find out, then we can move forward.


After a solution is agreed upon, we need to make the idea a reality. Engineering takes place to create the new feature and turn the theory into reality.


Analysis of the impact of a feature or design should happen throughout. However, now the engineering is complete assessing analytics data can provide new insights for future work.

Begin again

Everything is a work in progress, new features come and go, and feedback is always coming in. Time to start solving a new problem and finding a place for another piece of the puzzle!


Some tasty samples to snack 🍩 on*

Here you can see some example of projects I’ve worked on over the past few years.

*Some of these projects are password protected as they’re still being developed. If you’ve got a password head right on through to see more! 😁

About me

Is it really work if you like doing it?

I was born in Boston, but probably not the one you've heard of. I don't "paak my caar near Haavad Yaad" or anything like that. Boston, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 is where I was born. I don't live there anymore though. I moved to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. You might ask why, but honestly I came to study physiology 🧬 at the University of St Andrews and never wanted to leave. I had a couple of brief visits to Manchester and London while I studied law ⚖️ and worked as a chef 👨‍🍳 but that didn't last long and I came back to Scotland.
While I was here, and after I'd finished learning, I got a job at a small marketing agency. I continued to learn things, and eventually found myself coming up with ideas for our clients to upgrade the experiences of their websites. I fell into the UX and design rabbit hole head first 🐇⚫. A few other things happened between then and now, but I ended up working at FanDuel making cool 😎 free to play games.

I believe that products can speak for themselves a lot of the time, and that we should design and build good, useful, features for users which will generate cash monies 💸for the businesses we work for by being worthy of it. You know field-of-dreams-style product development .
Outside of my day to day I have a pretty healthy appetite for hobbies and activities. I enjoy lifting heavy things in the gym 🏋️‍♂️, gaming on my Playstation or PC 🎮, eating good food (and pizza 🍕), and, when I get the opportunity to, playing golf . I live with my wife and dog 🐶 in Edinburgh (he looks a lot like this emoji actually, but black splodges instead of brown). You should come visit, there's a castle 🏰!


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