Hi 👋, I'm

John Enderby

a | from Edinburgh

My Process

Starting small 🤏 and thinking 🧠 big

I believe in a considered approach to design, and I try to be methodical 🧪 while I'm being creative 🎨. The designer's method isn't all that different from the scientific method really; we theorise, hypothesise, test, invariably have to revisit our theories, and get closer and closer to a solution. In order to get to a solution there often needs to be a fair amount of compromise. Compromise on time, efficiencies, or future proofing. Ultimately it's about making the decision that feels right, at the right time ❤️.

Once we have a solution in place to a problem it all starts over again with another one, or maybe an expansion on something previously considered. Each of these small pieces fit together in the puzzle 🧩to form the product with each feature having a purpose, but none able to stand alone without a clear image of the product and a solid foundation. Complex products and interactions are what make me tick and digging into, and attempting to solve, these problems is where I am happiest.

Define & Discover

Every project, big or small, starts with a question from a user, or a theory from a colleague. Breaking that question down into a set of needs and wants is the first step in making something useful.

Ideate & Prototype

After the question is refined a solution, or solutions, are proposed and tested. All the usual tools and methods of the design Swiss Army Knife™, are used to help visualise the theory.

Test & Refine

Designs and prototypes are all well and good, but are the solutions useful? Or are they all glitter and sparkle with no substance? Some research will help us find out, then we can move forward.


After a solution is agreed upon, we need to make the idea a reality. Engineering takes place to create the new feature and turn the theory into reality.


Analysis of the impact of a feature or design should happen throughout. However, now the engineering is complete assessing analytics data can provide new insights for future work.

Begin again

Everything is a work in progress, new features come and go, and feedback is always coming in. Time to start solving a new problem and finding a place for another piece of the puzzle!


Some tasty samples to snack 🍩 on*

Here you can see some example of projects I’ve worked on over the past few years.

*Some of these projects are password protected as they’re still being developed. If you’ve got a password head right on through to see more! 😁

About me

Is it really work if you like doing it?

I was born in Boston, but probably not the one you've heard of. I don't "paak my caar near Haavad Yaad" or anything like that. Boston, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 is where I was born. I don't live there anymore though. I moved to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. You might ask why, but honestly I came to study physiology 🧬 at the University of St Andrews and never wanted to leave. I had a couple of brief visits to Manchester and London while I studied law ⚖️ and worked as a chef 👨‍🍳 but that didn't last long and I came back to Scotland.
While I was here, and after I'd finished learning, I got a job at a small marketing agency. I continued to learn things, and eventually found myself coming up with ideas for our clients to upgrade the experiences of their websites. I fell into the UX and design rabbit hole head first 🐇⚫. A few other things happened between then and now, but I ended up working at FanDuel making cool 😎 free to play games.

I believe that products can speak for themselves a lot of the time, and that we should design and build good, useful, features for users which will generate cash monies 💸for the businesses we work for by being worthy of it. You know field-of-dreams-style product development . In reality that's not always possible though.
Outside of my day to day I have a pretty healthy appetite for hobbies and activities. I enjoy lifting heavy things in the gym 🏋️‍♂️, gaming on my Playstation or PC 🎮, eating good food (and pizza 🍕), and, when I get the opportunity to, playing golf . I live with my wife and dog 🐶 in Edinburgh (he looks a lot like this emoji actually, but black splodges instead of brown). You should come visit, there's a castle 🏰!


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